Our Focus is Your Success

The power of our service is results. In an increasingly competitive and highly challenging environment for education, we are committed to helping you design and adapt programs built upon a foundation of clear communications and knowledgeable data analysis. We employ critical thinking, planning and collaboration as the basis for the strategies we help you develop. We bring our knowledge and practical experience as leaders, managers and teachers to help you in strategic planning, development, alumni and donor relations, marketing, and board, staff and volunteer development.

In partnership with you, we define problems and opportunities, develop written plans and critical paths, determine metrics and milestones, and focus on bottom line results. We offer specific analytical thinking and imaginative, non-mechanical response to each assignment. We work collaboratively with you and your colleagues to determine the best plan for your institution and then work with you to implement that plan. We help you make mid-course corrections and to deal with leadership transitions and unexpected circumstances.

24 Years of Success

Washburn & McGoldrick helps colleges, universities and independent schools successfully seek philanthropic support and create lasting relationships. Founded twenty-four years ago by Sue Washburn and Bill McGoldrick, our consultants are leaders in education, focusing on strategic planning, philanthropic relationships, campaign planning and execution, marketing and external relations, and issues of institutional leadership, trusteeship and governance.

We're direct, sensible, accessible, and fun to work with!

Our Alliance with More Partnership LTD

In July 2014 Washburn & McGoldrick established an alliance with More Partnership, a UK-based consultancy firm. Our clients have always included colleges and universities outside the United States, but as the world gets smaller, our alliance with our colleagues at More Partnership is an important new way for us to help clients who attract support from across the globe. Our two organizations share values, complementary expertise, similar high energy and passion for philanthropy. Both firms take a personal, caring approach to all our clients. Contact us for more information about how our alliance with More Partnership can benefit your organization.